About me

Hi everyone!
I’m Tomaz and I love sketching and designing with 3D tools to create innovative designs.
My passion with Design and Nature is combined into my work.

My favourite quote:
“If you change nothing nothing will change.”

Here’s a little bit more about me:
Industrial and Ecological Designer, YouTuber

Workflow – please click on the blue link to connect to the work, thank you.
3Ds Max | Photoshop | After Effects |  AutoCad | Rhinoceros | PhpEd

Personal information

Sketching, Swimming, Cycling Cooking, Reading.

Favourite Music:
Chemical Brothers, Pixies, Morcheba, Led Zepplin, Muddy Waters, Dave Brubeck and Mantras.

Favourite Movies:
Magnolia, Ghosts in a Shell (both), Fight Club, Ratatouille, Saving Grace (TV Series) , Fargo (TV Series).

Favourite Books:
Purple Cow, The big Mu, 4 Hour Work Week, Ronin.